El Megalitismo en Galicia

    This web has been created to promote the knowledge of the Galician megalithic monuments. These, although less spectacular than others ones found in several Europeans regions, have interesting features that we want to present:

A great quantity of barrows.

Existence of rupestrial art in the constructions.

Few standing stones and stone circles.

    In spite of the intense destruction, the number of the existent barrows in the Galician geography can be calculated in about 8.000. They have been not only exposed to candestine violations in search for treasures or they have been victims of agricultural development, or the stones have been used for other constructions, but even the own authorities granted at the beginning of the XVII century a royal order in favour of bachelor Vázquez de Orjas, allowing him to excavate the tombs of the "gentile galigrecs" in search for gold. That was the reason why the peasants opened up more than 3.000 barrows.

    This web seeks to diffuse, without too many theoretical specifications, the current knowledge and the state of our megalithic monuments, using, to get it, a design that we hope is agile, simple and can be useful to everyone wanting to consult it.


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