Arte Megalítico

    We'll divide this theme in several sections using the word "art" in its wider meaning. We'll take into account the study of the megalithic architectures, that are so useful to identify the period and that are so attractive to all of us when we approach to study them. We'll explain the way they were built and we'll consider the barrow that usually covers them in its exact value, because they are structures of great complexity that has prompted archaeologists to prefer in the last years the expression "tumulus phenomenon" instead of megalithic phenomenon.

    We'll analyse two strictly artistic aspects as are the paintings appeared and the engravings in some dolmens and their possible interpretations.

    Art is as well in a wide sense the funeral offerings (grave goods) accompanying the corpses because the making of ceramic glasses or tools require expert hands; and artistic manifestations are the small idols located in the tumulus limit in some dolmens as they testify primitive sculptural works.