Círculos Líticos

O Freixo

This small stone circle, hard to date, is in the municipality of As Pontes (A Coruña). It is 9,50 m in diameter and it was made using rough white quartz stones, imported only a short distance to the site. The slabs are forty cm in maximum height. It is located on an elevation from which a wide panorama can be observed.

Prao das Chantas

Stone circle located in the mounts of Penido, in the municipality of O Valadouro (Lugo). It consists of some 250 standing stones and measures in their axis north-south 79 m in diameter and 101 m from west to east. It was discovered in l.994 and in l.996 M. Gago, R. Reigosa and X. Salgado presented it for the first time to the media and to the specialists. It is in the vicinity of the dolmen known as Santo Tomé. The greatest authorities in prehistoric art consider that it can be dated to a much later period than other megalithic monuments found in Galicia, but the almost total absence of this type of constructions in our community made us to consider convenient to include it in this work.