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Your Internet conection to Galicia.

You have arrived to your portal to active Galicia: business, culture, tourism, news, guides... the most dinamic, funniest and easiest way to know what's going on and what to do in Galicia.

From here you can enter our local guides, buy at our shops and learn about the subjects on the sections we offer for free: nature, places, crafts, tales, lodgin and related companies. is made by Abertal Comunicacions, Limited Co. a local company whose main aim with this site is to let you know about this lovely culture, still unknown for the great majority of the people in this planet.

Galicia is a world in itself. From here you can only reach a very, very small part of what this country is, really like. Its industries are a planetary superpower in some high specialized fields. Its leadership in basic sectors such as fishing and high quality agriculture is well known by specialists and those people really involved in the field. Art, literature, crafts are the most genunie expression of the Galician feeling and joy of life. Its language, Galician, is spoken by the great majority of the population and gives us one of the oldest european writen literatures and an oral legacies that can not be found in texts or books. is your guide to discover a new dimension. It is made by people who love and feel cultural diversity as their main reason to live. But, above all, it is made for your benefit and enjoyment. That is our mission.


Happy reading, happy virtual tour and happy shopping !


Visit the on-line exhibition of Urbano Lugris, one of the best surrealist Galician painters. In collaboration with the Town Hall of Malpica de Bergantiños.



Riasbaixasnet is a company based in Pontevedra which maintains this site devoted to the biggest economic and tourist area of Galicia.


A new guide has been added to pangalaica: Ribeira Sacra. Finest Galician wines, woods, monasteries and nature make of this area an irresistable atractive.

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