Galicia offers a contrast of landscapes... blue of the sea and green mountains and valleys.

This is a selection of four Galician areas which represent the a number of posibilities for the curious traveller.

To say Galicia is saing much more than an autonomous comunity situated in the final corner of Europe.

You will discover the oldest celtic culture, the construction of Ireland, Spain and Portugal; Roman civilization and Briton migrations, German inmigrants, arab wars, viking attacks... the old way of the stars towards the Finisterrae and the inventio of Saint Jacques myth.

Unknown legends, never written tales. Ours is an oral tradition kept alive from grands to children since the very beginning of times. Wolfs who talk, fosts who discuss whit cats, ladies living in fountains, visitors from the other world, towns under the earth: terror, humour, emotion, all kind of fiction genders are TRUE in Galician culture.

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Pangalaica by Abertal

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