Idol of Parxubeira 1

Parxubeira 2

Idol of Parxubeira 2

Idolo Dombate

Idol of Dombate


      Idols are the first sculptural manifestation in Galicia. They are small stele or boulders with a rough anthropomorphic form and have appeared in the excavations of different Galician dolmens: Dombate, Mina de Parxubeira, Cova da Moura.

    They were located opposite to the passage grave, in the tumulus limit, and that is the reason why they have been interpreted like protectors deities of the deads, symbolic representations of them o delimiters of a funeral space of sacred character.

    The cut-away carvings of the idol of Parxubeira, indicated with the nº 1, make it an anthropomorphic stele . The material is granitic gneiss and its size, even modest, is bigger than others since it is 42 cm high, 32 cm wide and 5 cm thick.

    The second Idol of Parxubeira belongs to the type of idols known as betilos (small boulders). In this case , they are made out of amphibolite (a kind of rock) and it displays some engravings in its superior part that converge towards the centre. It is 12.5 cm high and 9,5 cm wide.

    The idol of Dombate is made out of granite and it is 32,5 cm high and 11 cm wide; it has a slight anthropomorphic form in which the head, the neck and the waist can be recognized.